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where we get to teach you something!

The teaching arm of TPBC

Aesthetic Vegan Beauty is the teaching arm of TPBC, we offer Professional courses for qualified therapists, a range of Non Professional courses, Corporate Events and available for Private hire. For a full listing of our courses click  the link below and have a look at our AVB pages. 

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The Queens of Abundance

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 The Queens of Abundance.... or The Queens of the Stone Age, as a friend calls it.... that name was already taken.  Just a group of like minded people, male and female, getting together to find out more about healthier lifestyle while socialising. It's a private group on Facebook and we hold events face to face, though we will be trying some online too.

  • The Wheel of Life

  • Breathing for performance and anxiety

  • Singing for performers and total novices

  • Aromatherapy Insight Cards

  • Switching out toxic aromas in your home

  • New courses coming live from the 1st of November and how to enrol


We will have items for sale though this is more of a social gathering encouraging each other to try something new and healthy while getting out of the house. 

Sound interesting? email us to join. 

No promotion of other groups unless authorised, no contacting individuals in the group to sell, this is a social group.