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Aesthetic Vegan Beauty

Aesthetic Vegan Beauty is the teaching arm of TPBC, we offer

  • Professional courses for qualified therapists,

  • A range of non Professional courses

  • Corporate Events coming in the Autumn of 2022.


For a full listing of our courses coming soon.

Promoting our Art of Home Sugaring course throughout the Summer of 2022

Art of Home Sugaring

This online course provides the videos and techniques to teach yourself,

The Art of Home Sugaring.


This will allow you, with practice and patience, the ability to throw away your razers and use a natural, ancient product that is safe on the skin, biodegradable and can lead to a lifetime of amazing skin, when used with care and attention. 

In this online course, you also get six months access to a Private FB group, where you can view the videos as much as you need to, ask questions in the group and receive answers from a professional Sugaring Specialist with over 8 years experience. 

There are helpful guides to assist you and coming soon a very handy PDF you can download and refer back to.
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