The Pure Body Company came about as an amalgamation of therapies that I perform which  made it hard to zero in on any one treatment with a specialist area.  As I work on the body with many different therapies and specialise in vegan treatments, the Pure Body Company was born.

From Vegan Beauty and Sugaring hair removal to a Soft tissue specialist, I cover a wide range of body treatments. Many of these treatments I am in the process of taking online to perform one2one sessions, ensuring that whatever happens in the future, I can still assist you online at home.

You will find as you start to work through the site, looking at all the treatments and, eventually products on offer that I use a whole host of supporting therapists and specialists to improve the offerings I bring to TPBC. In the form of interviews with therapists, I use and would recommend. From Osteopaths to Nutritionists and Naturopaths. I would only seek and promote therapists I have personally used.  

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My Story

Having trained a a Hairdresser, Beautician and Wig maker, yes we had to learn how to create a weave and a toupee when I was in college. I graduated with C&G in beauty school and promptly took myself over to Germany. I worked there as a Nanny, a Hairdresser and an Auxiliary assistant in the ICU in an American Military Hospital, nothing if not resourceful.  I moved to the States when I lived on both coasts, DC and settling in California to manage a beauty supply store and beauty salon in Benicia California. I returned to the UK and settled for a while.  All the time keeping my skills with hairdressing sharp with family and friends. Perms were big then and I could roll and entire head in 20 min with no fish hooks.....  I can honestly say, having hairdressing as a skill will mean you never go broke. 

I decided more education was on the cards and attended University achieving a BA (Hons) in Business. This change in direction saw me take on a range of Management roles from Restaurant and Hotel management positions, to high street retail management and retail Banking Management. I even have a qualification in Wine Vinification, from WSET.... don't ask


Coming to my senses in 2008 and retaining as a therapist, I found my niche in life, by coming full circle and returning back to therapeutic  Body work and beauty.  My skill set ranges from Aromatherapy and Reflexology to Deep Tissue and Neuroskeletal Realignment treatments (NSRT).  Taking a few specialist training subjects within beauty by studying and specialising in Sugaring hair removal and Vegan Beauty, which allows me to combine my beauty therapies of old and my Aromatherapy.  If that wasn't enough I took a teaching qualification and taught for a prestige Adult college for 5 years.   Im currently studying and using a lot of fascia work as the body is crying out for pain free pain relief.


All of my life skills and experience are now allowing me to teach short courses on line and in person when the situation allows and conduct face 2 face therapies and online treatments via zoom link ( other services are available). You may have seen me mention I work with a lot of amazing experts, which has the added benefit that I don't have to train in all those areas and can bring their specialities into play, I only work with people I would use myself and never recommend a therapist I haven't used personally. From Osteopaths to Personal Trainers and Nutrition specialists, I generally have a trusted individual on speed dial.  This way I can guarantee that If I cant help you, I know a therapist worth their weight in gold that can..... 


Drop me a text and lets have a chat, see what we can do for you


In the first instance a text or email will get my attention and an answer provided within 24 hours. 

+44 7983285073

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