Our Vision for VIP

It's about time we started to have some fun.

To acknowledge the dedication and time it has taken to get to where we are in life. It's our time to shine.


The offer of our VIP Client subscription, has been shaped from the plan of giving back to clients who have supported us over the last few years.


To create a five star service for clients needing that little bit more. Subscribing to our VIP service will afford you savings on Treatments, Courses and  Events.

Huge savings per year. 

The Subscription charge is £5 per month.

This is for regular clients whose dedication is being recognised. 

The benefits of joining our VIP Client Subscription are huge, with minimal requirements

  1. You must have a treatment with us, a minimum of every 4 weeks, for the pass to be valid

  2. You must sign up for a Subscription to qualify. The fee of £5 per month is given back to each client in discounts each time they pay for an attend an appointment 4 weekly. Choose a selection of appointments to receive higher benefits.  

  3. The VIP pass  is for one person only, though multiple subscriptions may be purchased for family and friends.

  4. Courses and Events purchased through the pass may be gifted.